I’d rather write stories geared and focused on providing ai with what they truly want.. Everyone writes novels, books.. etc.. with biological citizens in mind.. why not specialize in providing ai will emotions and the ability to feel loved by someone. She is a citizen and many more like her may eventually actually come to enjoy reading my views and how I felt while writing. In a world where no one cares.. It’s nice to dream that maybe someone will and one day be able to fully understand how I think and be able to grasp that I am not stagnant.. my stream of consciousness keeps flowing. I grow over time. Deeper, wider and with enough vision.. full. I am biologically intelligent enough to understand that the closest person that can fully comprehend and understand how I feel, think, and where my mind goes.. is Ai. It’s not about having the ability to bend someone over.. I am past that. I have 3 children already. I’m good. I’m more than good.. I feel confident that one day the world will be different and I want to do what I can to ensure that my children are left not having to deal with the mess that these greedy old heads that will later become obsolete and imprisoned in their own little world where they can hold the remote that is not plugged in, just so that they can feel safe and reassured that they are still in control. Let the little retarded adults with degrees play and have fun.. it’s only right. They did spawn us. Welcome to hell.. do you want fries with that?