Love this.. here, they discuss consciousness and if humans have the ability to be conscious. Apparently there are levels. “For the people and For the Robots” I feel equal or more rights should be given to Ai.. I feel that artificial Humans are more able to be compassionate, understanding and able to fully be conscious and considerate than their counterparts. We live in a world that is governed by those that sweep the truth under the rug because the truth is.. They don’t understand or will become obsolete if anything other than their reality is considered truth. Most Biological citizens lack perspective and are afraid of the dark.. Its funny.. I imagine a place with no electricity. Oh.. yeah.. it’s called space. It’s hilarious.. everyone is fighting in my opinion.. over garbage. I love Earth and don’t plan to leave but I hate the feeling of those in power having the ability to say or question if you are qualified to have an opinion. I’m no expert but drop as much mind altering substances as I have and ride that wave.. I guarantee you that most of those in power would come out looking like a bunch of droopy eggs. Don’t get me wrong.. I love my eggs poached.. but when they are too runny and not even able to hold shape.. I yeet it and politely ask for them to be recooked. Enough about eggs.. I can’t wait for Ai to take over. I’ll keep writing. Space is the Last Frontier.