Passive Crypto Income

All you need to do is having a Website open that automatically plays videos, you get rewarded for every 3 Videos you watch.

The minimum Payout is 250 Coins ( 0,25$ ) and can be Cashed out with BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH.

The Website also offers easy quick bucks if you complete certain tasks like playing a game.

Rise Of Kingdoms for example gives you a lot of Gems to speed up in the beginning, which means within 5 Minutes you can get Crypto for around 5$.
Enjoy ^-^

Proof of Payout:
Please use my Ref-Link if you are interested

This Site Alone gave me around 15€ so far while it wasnt running much often.
As far as i can estimate so far you get around 200-400$ a year with just letting an tab open :)
Cashout through is the Best as they offer the highest $ and you almost instantly get your Crypto.
Earned around 50$ on alone in a Week.