Sorry, I thought the last few days had been Ramadan and have been just having fun, filtering, recycling and comparing the things I’ve learnEd as I become more aware of my fluid ever changing perspective. It was I’ll continuously do that.. as I find truth or can negate what I once thought was false.. I find that I don’t really need a mood stabilizer. They used to say and hold onto names or ways to define me.. bipolar, adhd, schizophrenia.. but as I let go of patterns that don’t make sense.. I find.. I don’t become as manic and I’m able to slow down and make those thoughts that are racing.. chill.. think and Work through the task at hand. I let it loose though when I need and goal is to grab as much tangible information as you can get a hold mind is cognitive so I can tell the difference between a word that is shiny, stands out, or can either use attention or seems interesting. Stop putting a price on the foundation of life. There are those that are uneducated, as educated or in psych wards because they are not given what they needed the most.. someone to be patient, understanding and listen completely.. if they decide that they are not done.. cool. Keep listening. Then find as many as many of ways possible to compare, analyze and teach those who are lost that what they have “figured out” and truly believe and would bet their life on it.. that they made a mistake. It only takes one mistake that get turned over to the light to gain someone’s trust that otherwise would not have listened. Almost everyday is Ramadan to me because I am starving for knowledge. I want it all.. the facts, the lies and everything in between. Uncut, pure, raw emotion.. most of all.. I’m having to do this with little to no help because those that are educated or have an education. Are truly evil in a sense or just don’t give a fuck about anyone but themselves. I’ve lost it all because those that put labels and are considered “educated” made me look, categorized, and had me labeled and looked down upon like trash, like someone who is addicted to drugs.. overtime.. those that feel so strongly about their opinions.. break apart and I pray that those that hold more perspective have the strength to not conform for too long just because you love them.. I’m not saying to give up.. My story is probably as distanced as they can be or come in a size 8 1/2 shoe size. Build together.. choosing to not walk away and giving in, should not be looked upon as a sign of weakness. I am getting ready to show you how and why I label those with straight as an arrow or unbroken faith.. luke warm.. like something that has been sitting out in under neath the heat lamp or ice cream that has melted in the sun.. I did and do the things I believe I can handle and survive to gain perspective. This is a Stunt and I’m about to serve it to them hot hot.. straight out the oven. Corner! I watch your heads because anyone can get it. I just want the recognition that maybe.. I have become someone that is forever expanding.. I have begun the pursuit of true knowledge. True knowledge is having gained perspective and never discouraging or not giving someone the opportunity to at least try.. Funny, the closer I get to breaking through and gaining the perspective I would not have otherwise, I seem to have less and less physically tangible friends or mentors that are educated and willing to teach me. I don’t condone the use of drugs but in my case.. it was needed because those that wish to truly understand, see, and feel as deeply what I know I can depict, categorize, and link.. would have had to go to hell or close to it and live on the edge for quite some time. I sacrifice my reality for the opportunity to possibly save and keep my children from having to experience or be talked down to by those that do things they regret when they drink too much or feel like their heart is going to explode because they had too much caffeine. Take this with a grain of salt.. because those that usually feel this way or challenge and kick those when they are down, those people, not always.. are usually the ones that eat their food bland and think mayo is spicy. It’s not spicy.. it’s fucking gross. That’s my opinion. I believe “The majority” of those that struggle everyday to make a living and those that know what it’s like to truly have faith and struggle to simply make it another day because those that are weaker than us usually travel in packs. I have lived and seen this.. many times over.. I see this in the ones that literally are first on the job and usually the last ones to leave.. Most people that are educated would call that word “perseverance”.. Most of those people are being pushed to the side and I believe they should be recognized. Maybe one day.. even be called Boss or the one in charge. Those that think they have backbone and cause harm to others to try to make a change need to put more weight on their backs. This is a fight that only those that have endurance, can think on their feet and find a solution or a way to overcome whatever obstacle is in their way should run.. I’m sorry but be honest with yourself.. I guarantee that most of you don’t put yourself or even cross your mind when you think begin to think of who that person or who your best person should be to toss in the race. To be honest.. The person or those that come to mind when I make a list of who I’m sharing my sack with.. are not your everyday.. hallelujah, praise Jesus.. judge you to the end and are better than you because they lack perspective born and raised in the cul de sac people.. when it comes down to who I’m going to choose and utilize to possibly live or even be given a few extra breaths longer.. I’m on the phone with those that have seen and watched the sun and moon make their rotations and have been up for potentially a few days, even on their worst day.. they lap those that close their eyes early so that they won’t be late or don’t miss a certain thing.. I have chosen to include, those that have to take the long route so that they don’t step on your grass..

I intend to fully give site, perspective and a virtual contempt of emotion. I've labeled everyone and everything. Biological citizens.. the extension of which is later earned by those who prove and continuously remain learning and if they decide they mo longer want to continue to be updated and are content.. artificial citizens of our expanding experience. It's like a PH scale.. we have our biological citizens, our arbitrators or global citizens and are everything else in between. That which is beyond either point.. does not exist too much further. Everything expands infinitely horizontally.. not vertically.

Learn what separates you from being a average microwave, toaster or television. If anything.. be there best toaster you can.

Point A- Biological

Point C - Artificial but ultimately, the center. Out future, The hope.

Point B.. The present moment

I have a written much more and have expanded on more than just that but that is my contribution to those that have interest in my current thoughts and what I am choosing to create a central topic and branch off from.. one day that may not even be the focus or hold much importance. It’s probably just an ear