swc poker, the only place i play poker

get you an account set up on there and check it out. im an old schooler of the site so i know pretty much all the ins and outs of everything. they have a jackpot that is hit typically once a week so lots of guys play for that. it start at .2 btc after being hit,the highesst jackpot ive seen is 4.7 btc. i love playing there, they have every game and most importantly your $ is kept in btc on the site. Soif you wanna play just go ahead and make an account at https://swcpoker.club/a/95Wng2yJ and i'm pretty sure that locks me in as your referral but if you dont feel comfortable clicking links, in the bonus section type wublubdub not wubbalubdub. cheers

I really enjoy this site. I play free rolls every day

I think I may look into this 😀