adding another network to the mix?

For those that use binance as an exchange/wallet if BEP2 network was used here the fees would be a fraction of the cost. I don't know how much more work that is but might be something to consider. What do you guys think?

Here's a couple of the examples of the Transaction Fees:

  • Transaction Fee: 0.00000190 BTC
  • Transaction Fee: 0.00008000 ETH

Will reserach, thank you

Stan said:

Will reserach, thank you

I actually dont think its an option to be honest. I wasn't fully aware of the requrements of using a separate network, and the risks involved in using someone elses network probably are not worth the time and research. The reason binance can offer that is because of their volume....

Anyways, since the above is a negative statement, here's a positive one for you @Stan:

I think having an option of a batch withdrawal, would be cool. So that way a whole bunch of users can wait a few hours (or until enough withdrawals have been added to the batch) and split the network fee between them all. It would be like having 1 transaction but to a lot of players. I think @Dre1982 has suggested it before. I know it would take some work on the backend but it shouldn't be too hard to put together in the end.

You mean this topic I think: