Thoughts I had, for fun, while patiently waiting for faucets:

Oh well. Spoiled for choice of coinage, yet the rolling feels the same appart from BTC and ETH.

EUREKA! Wouldn't it be lovely if different currency would mean different dice modes? Of course I wouldn't touch BTC and Doge as they need no changes.

For example Dash could be a competitive 2 player mode dice game with let's say a common goal to reach, but players would maybe take turns in rolls and the better/winning player would make the rolling harder for the other, just like a 2 player puzzle game like Tetris or puzzle fighter. Winner takes the money and duck a small percentage for hosting the battle.

Or (fill in the blank) could be manual only with higher minimum but no house advantage and a time limit of 1 hour before you must WD.

I hope you get my idea and maybe you can add more suggestions.

Of course this is just thought experiment and no actual suggestion for new modes.

Thank you for your time. Love and kisses,