What I love about DD

What I love about DD and it’s community! (and some things I don’t)

So some of us have been playing the same site for years now – but why? Many gamblers just flip through from site to site, but I found DuckDice to be a black hole for regulars – people who pop by once or twice, begin chatting and find themselves stuck in it’s embrace.

Primarily I put this down to one thing – the dicing community that’s been built here, it doesn’t all happen by accident, the right admins, mods, but most importantly, users all collaborate too do this.

I might be biased but I love the fact you can hold proper conversations most of the time on DD – that mods take an active role in curating good conversation and for lack of better word, hammering out the sheer crap. Sure, as It keeps growing this might be harder and harder to achieve, but we’ve had some wonderfully insightful, meaningful and technical discussions.

I love how readily and quickly the admins and developers respond to user feedback, often within a day of changes to ensure people are happy. I love how eager and willing users give that feedback, and for the most part, consider it carefully without it all just being ‘give me more bonus!’

and of course…..i love faucets.


Some sites offer a more straight forward blood in / blood out model, perhaps they give you rake-back that you can collect each time you play --- on the surface, getting a chunk of change back in one go, be it 20 XRP or 1000 XRP at once seems like a great deal…..

But consider this, I’ve been between 2-5 foot the whole time I’ve been on DuckDice.

My income isn’t vast, though I do contribute significant amounts of it each month.

Meaning I get between 0.01 btc at-least, up too nearly 0.06 btc from faucets every month. At these prices, that’s between 200 USD and nearly 1200 USD!

There are caveats, people will say ‘but you don’t get it upfront’ ‘you have to win it’ and all that’s very fair.

But if your a gambler; when you get your rake-back, most users would gamble it, just like any other casino bonus, it’s what the house relies on somewhat. For my buying power, there is just simply nothing like that on the market --- sure, it can get frustrating, turning 10-40 cents into 30 usd + isn’t going to happen every claim, but the point is, I was going to gamble anyways, and I get literally thousands of shots every month to try!

Deposit bonus!

Not many sites offer this, it’s not for everyone --- but it’s truly one of the fairest such bonuses I’ve seen around, I don’t use them often but if I wasn’t so hooked on 99x I’d use it every time!



I will hopefully expand this soon but i wanted to get it out before i lost my trend of thought :)

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