UI Suggestions

Hey all, was just thinking about somethings I would like to see done, or would be cool of they were implemented.

  1. Have the TTT modal become moveable and not block background. So that you can chat and/or kill ducks without losing your place in TTT.
  2. Maybe have an advanced feature for the autobet/flashbet sections (i know this one has been entioned before, but if admins/devs like to see an example, please pm)
  3. Maybe add PM messaging to a third side bar. like where the current chat and sniper races currently are

If i have more thoughts I will update this post. In the meantime would like to hear from others about my suggestions. Also maybe if anyone has their own suggestions?

2) is very much being worked on as a on-going process, some exciting things are coming

3) can you expand a bit more?

2) exited for the exciting things. =)

3) Well right now theres two different side bars. One is public chat, and second is Sniper Race. I was suggesting to maybe have PMs show up there also instead of a modal.

The idea behind this is two fold. First, there are times where I type out a message and then accidentally click out of the box and lose the whole message.The same thing happens also if Im selecting text and my mouse pointer ends outside of the box, it closes the modal and i lose all my text. Second, while in PMs if ducks fly I have to click out of the message and then find and click on ducks. Second one isnt that important but still an issue.

not a bad idea actually ;) would be nicer to be able to see pms in the chat box, then type a reply in the bottom write a message bar, would speed it up massively and be more convenient when rolling at the same time