Birthday Party 20.11.2020

We are 4!

We are 4!

Join us tomorrow - November 20!

100% Deposit Bonus

Start: 20.11 at 12:00

End: 22.11 at 12:00

3 bonuses for everyone!

$200 Sniper Races

Start at: 13:00, 18:00 and 23:00 all 1 hour long.

Admins and mods rains and chat games all day long!



Stan said:

We are 4!


Nice , waiting for the menu. Happy birthday Ducky!

waoo nice sir thanks for info

oh nice banner there! guys be ready for the party!

Looking forward to what it's gona actually be :D

2 days to go.... 😍😎

Acetehoge said:

2 days to go.... 😍😎

excited to know whats their suprises will be....

party is going to start....... 😍😋

almost there.. happy 4th birtday ducky..

Nice :) happy birthday in advance 👍

thats why duckdice eats too much for this celebration 😏