What would make you use forum more?

Hi guys :)

The title says it all really -- our forum isn't the final version yet, there's still lots to do but what would make you engage with it more?

I'm thinking features, and content, competitions that don't necessarily involve bonuses etc

I know some forums used to pay you a little per post etc but i really don't want these kind of ideas --

I see some very indepth conversations on the chat sometimes, that would be excellent in a forum -- how do we bring you into that?

I want a Kirito Forum. :D

Honestly, maybe do small competitions like rollhunts for a custom tag, give awards for using the forum. A german forum thread would be cool!

I think the forum has to be a more "easily" navigated place, and perhaps a bit more "advertised".

Currently the forum it difficult to navigate or find sections.
It took me 3-5 clicks just to find suggestions.

Now im not sure how this is acheived, or what a better layout might be, but people prefer to just talk and post paragraphs on chat because it's easier than navigating the Forum.
Another thing is the awareness of a forum, it's not really a common thing, Crypto sites don't notmally have forums.
So in order to get new people using it, i think it needs to be made more clear it exists.
One final note, it that in the end this is a casino.
80-90% of people are here to gamble their income away, or risk it all for the big win.
Only a small percentage of people even talk in chat.
802 people online currently, and yet the same 10 people are talking in chat.

I know DuckDice tries to be a community and a "hangout" for people, but at the end of the day, majority of customers are gamblers, and gamblers have a habbit of being sad, depressed, reclusive by nature.

Gamblers, sad and depressed!?!? never! :D --- but in seriousness; thank you very much for your input, i totally agree the lay out needs work

Would love to hear more feedback guys =))

I mostly use forum for information, new ideas and games like lMS. DD forum is good but yes the layout could be more clear.

I would have to lose my job to be a regular here in forum. Not enough time but It is nice here. Sometimes better than the crazy chat :)

KrankerKris said:

I would have to lose my job to be a regular here in forum. Not enough time but It is nice here. Sometimes better than the crazy chat :)

Maybe some ways of instantly transfering a big chat post too the forum? XD

guys still would love some feedback in this area :) pwetty pwease

Hi bob, how about adding a small icon called Create FORUM, between notificaton sound icon and chat rules above chat box area i.e we can route the users to create forum easily by clicking there when such long valid disccusions happen in chat.

Juat an idea )