Last 2 days to get ATRI (Atari token) before they go public.

Hello to all. As the title says, on the token29th of this month (29/10) ATRI tokek will go for public sale on exchange with a starting price of 0.25$. ATRI is the official token of the Atari company. Yes, you heard right! The legendary game company that raise millions of players around the globe and was one of the pioneers of this industry. Now they join crypto space and this is on it's own, a piece of great news for all of us.😃

So, if anyone is interest to get ATRI at a better price (0.16$ now) can do it by using either my referral link (it will be much appreciated) or not.🙈

Anyways, just don't miss this chance. It's almost certain that Atari will go big in the years to come...😉

Oh , Atari got onboard with blockchain technology ? That's actually great news.

Yeap and they want to go more than just creating a token. Coin is on it's way, exchange, game developer companies that will use ATRI and a lot more. It seems that they are taking it very seriously. TBH it's maybe the best moment to make such a move.