Updates 28.07.2020 on Tower.bet!

Crash just got new look!

Check it out and make sure to visit us on Sunday 17:00 UTC for 1 hour Crash only Race!

Check Crash Game now.

Seems you stopped doing updates here. Or I can't find them.

Anyway, about your last addition, Elf Slots, should it really show display as wins when payout multipliers are lower than 1x?

Like the fact you've added multiplayer games, and wondering what other games you have in store, if any. Might be worth adding the more popular casino classics other sites have, ones such as blackjack, craps, etc.

Is this site intended to continue operating as separate one?

Been trying Elf Quest Slots some more.

  1. The win amount displayed within the slots game appears to be twice what it should. While the correct amount is displayed in the bet log, I feel like the game should be made unavailable until this is corrected to avoid misgivings from users.
  2. "PAY LINES" should probably come first within the info slides. Also bet amount being divided per each pay line should be clarified there. If not besides the bet amount field.
  3. The /2 and x2 often don't work as expected, and are rounding towards a 1-2-5 series for some reason.
  4. EV for players could be a bit better. There's plenty online offerings above 96% these days for what slot goes. That said it can be kept as is just as well.

Unnecessary, yet, could be interesting if there were wager value adjustments for those playing higher edge games when it comes to gaining levels or races.

According to the FAQ the min bet to get XP with slots is 20 sats. The actual amount I needed was 22 sats. No idea if this is more widespread.

I'll double check

It does look like 22 :/