Kinda helping someone with this one. 


They've been around for 4+ years.

Multiple games: Dice, BJ, Slots, Plinko, Roulette, VP, Minesweeper, and a 0 edge Lottery (only available for some coins). 

Jakpots: The Dice and Roulette game feature progressive jackpots. And I believe the BTC Dice 
game is currently EV+ for the player if you hunt for the minimum, minding that the odds of finding one are very low and it can be real long before it evens out in your favor. 

Currencies available: BTC, DOGE, PPC, DASH, GAS, XMR, STRAT and PLAY (site's internal coin)

Coin exchange: You can exchange between any of the available coins, so long there's enough.

Faucet that grows: From 150 up to 6150 satoshi per claim, or equivalent for other coins. The faucet for their PLAY coin is unlimited, but you still have to wait the 3 minutes between claims.

One thing you might not like, if you like hunting big payouts starting with tiny bets, is that smaller sized bets go slow when you are betting the minimum, with speed going up as you increase your bet. Also, the minimum bets for some coins can be much larger than for others.