Bigger Sniper Races are coming

Daily Sniper Race prize increased to $50, join every day at 15:00 and 03:00 UTC.

Also $500 Saturday Races are still to happen and you can expect more custom Snipers soon!

Good luck and stay tuned!

@dingzs0 lez go,.its your time to shine.

wish I had a balance to play in the $50 one that is starting in half an hour!

Awesome news on the increased snicer races prizepool !!

oh wow!!!! gooo snipers... @dingzs0 its your time to shine!!! goodluck guys🍀

Alright now this is awesome :D cool sniper just became even cooler :))))

this saturday there is 500$ race right?!

$500 Sniper Race, cool 😎