Get some Free ZEN

So I've been claiming a free Zen faucet for a while and though I'd share it with you guys. They're 100 % legit ! :

Basically you claim the faucet everyday , and the more days you claim the higher the amount you will get . There are many ways on how to increase your faucet level , like claiming through the brave browser ( that will get you a 20 % bonus ) , you can get the brave browser here :

Other ways are , linking your twitter , facebook , linkedin accounts which will increase the amount of Zen you can claim , and aswell holding some Zen in your wallet.

There's also a mini-game you can play for free basically which will earn you some points that you can exchange for crypto . Good luck

Horizen (Zen) has surpassed both Bitcoin and Ethereum in the number and quality of nodes. So some claiming it's the most secure and decentralized crypto out there . So go on guys , grab it while it's hot , easy way to claim on some free Zen.

thanks ill try this... ill post update once ive tried this😊