Dice Betting Strategies

The first original Dice Strategies thread starts here!

Tell us about your best strats, modified Martingale, and other ways to become rich playing on DD 😀

Everything is same in gambling. The way you will win the same way you will lose too. I mostly play at 1.2× payout.

Sometimes 1.6x, double on loss, reset after 2 wins in a row. 😁

spam 99x and increase wildly until i die, or somehow, win while switching without any real pattern, guarenteed busting, until those few beautiful days, throwing in bigger bets on 0.20% or less for a few just to colour the mood 

lately theres only one way for me to play. Strategies like 3x, multiply by 3 on win, stop after 6/7/8 wins in a row. Another good one is 10x, multiply by 10 on win, stop after 3 wins in a row. the one that ive been chasing tho is a simple 2x, multiply by 2 on win, stop after 20 wins in a row for a cool 0.1 btc from just a 10 satoshi base bet.

Get on high ground and aim low from there. Yeah, that should do it.

Fibonacci with 3 losses in a row and 4 wins