we could do with two timers!

One for draw, 
One for time left to buy tickets; 

Often users get sad that they thought they still had 10 minutes to go and are waiting on that confirmation, to find they can't, or whatever else

be nice to make it crystal clear :D 

That was the initial implementation, but afterwards we decided to make it simpler. Two timers may confuse IMO

i think it would be very simply understood

Time left too buy tickets: 00:19:17

Lottery draw: 00:29:17

but it's a common thing to come up that people say they're trying to buy in that 10 minutes and asking where the buy tickets button has gone, so maybe after the 10 minutes you fill in with 

''No more tickets can be sold 10 minutes prior to draw'' 

1 timer, that clocks 2 times....

First timer, buy tickets within 23:50, when expired at 0 the time, text and font color changes to draw in 00:10 you're too late to purchase any more tickets.

Or something similair.

Let's ask for more opinions on this one!

I personally think that the timer should show the time left up until you can purchase tickets. Then in place of it, a new timer will show up displaying time until the actual drawing. I think this would accomplish both in keeping things simple with the UI, while also letting players know without thinking how much time is left. I think what matters more is players looking at the time and not being able to buy in time for the lotto due to miscommunication over players who see the time and end up having to wait a few more minutes for the actual draw. The first is a difference between potentially winning and losing while the second is just a matter of having some patience.

One time works but you also need clear language near the timer stating that buying stops 10 mins before draw. I know it's in the rules, but who reads rules lol

i think some clarification in this area would be nice, it's rare it comes up now but a new user does trip over this fact very so often