Crypto scam attempt on twitter by hacker

Hacker tried to do a massive crypto scam today by hacking some high profile twitter account. Have you noticed it? What you would do if you see Bill Gates or Jeff Bezos tweet ”Give me $1000 and I will return you $2000 shortly!!”

Does this scam attempt going to affect crypto price?

This is going on for years already , and unfortunately there are still a lot of people who are sending them money :) . I think this round they raised like 800 btc in under 5 hours .

can't see it really effecting price; and though i'm sure some idiots fell for it, most people should of caughten on it was a hack straight away i think lol ;s i'd hope

Lol Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos have same Bitcoin address? 😂

there are lot of idiots in the world who will sent them btc 😫

I think I might send a couple of btc, no wait, damn the 30 minutes time period has expired, oh well, lol 😂 (Never believe in any instant profit / double your money SCAMS such as these).

ah well we are surrounded by scammers/hackers all over the net... not surprised anymore.just be always observant and vigilant.