Coinbase Earn | $10 XLM and EOS

I have no friends - I have 4 spots open - you click the link and login with Coinbase account - watch several 2 min videos on the coin - each video Coinbase deposits $2 worth of XLM or EOS to your account - 4 Spots for both links. Free crypto - you can withdraw it immediately as well - or convert it to another crypto.


$10 EOS |

I'm resorting to posting a post here - since I also get $10 if you do it - win win

Thank you guys - I was not expecting this to work.

2 spots left for $10 XLM | and 3 Spots left for $10 EOS | so two people used the XLM link and 1 used the EOS | so two more slots available to get the XLM - and 3 spots left to get the EOS - once anyone else uses it all up the links won't work.

Earn $59 of Compound | Coinbase Earn
earn $59 of compound - coinbase earn - Canada and America