Invest and Sign up BONUS

So I took the time to sign up for the trading / wallet / credit card platform, and I'm actually pretty impressed with the ideas they got going on. I threw some bags for investing at them, and picked up MCO token for a hold. If anyone else is interested, take twenty minutes and throw some investment money at their stake credit card option with MCO:

Use my referral link to sign up for and we both get $50 USD

^ Be sure to use my referee link if you agree they are going places. Thanks

Just an update, I wanna help invest in other ducklings so I'm adding a STAKE of my own to FOUR of you guys. Anyone whose willing to use my link AND send me back their $50 USD card bonus on, I will give 600XRP (Half the stake for their bonus)

Which ends up being a $30 tip from me to those 4 investors. (Since cost to me after sending XRP and getting $50 back is a loss)

Hit me up on private message if youre interested.

sure i will give it a try

shirke94 said:

sure i will give it a try

Hit me up when youre all signed up and ready to stake on the app and I will send XRP