In a row and win/loss count tactics

I would like for DuckDice to make their tactic builder a little more advanced like at At it is possible return to base bet after lets say, 3 wins in a row or a total of 5 wins. And you can multiply bet with 75% after 3 losses total or 2 loss in a row. It makes it possible to make more efficient betpatterns. With Flashbet this could get Very exciting

I would absolutely love for there to be features like this :) I think it's always been in the pipe line, but there's alway improvemets being made, but yeah :) i think if we could get on that DD, it'd be very cool

This would be a great feature to have for sure.

Let's talk what do you want from new autobet? 😜

bumping this thread.

All advancedc autobet features are scheduled for this summer!

Bump... I would like a feature where I can double my bet as many times as I would like on next roll on auto bet. That was I can do my triple click with out manually doing it. Also would like to be able to see future client, server, and site seed before next roll of auto please. Also, please include trophy on fast bets. It sucks I hit 0 and 9999 five times and didn't get trophy for it on fast. I even was betting .01 chance lol.

Stan said:

All advancedc autobet features are scheduled for this summer!

that's fantastic news :)!