Flashbet BINGO! (May 11th - May 23rd)

Hey there Ducklings!

Ready to try your luck at Flashbet BINGO?! All you need is 5 flashes with a luck percentage matching 5 numbers in a row, column or diagonally on the BINGO board below!


  • Must post a recent deposit of at least 0.001 BTC (equiv.) AND tag at least one Flashbet buddy to enter. Tag as many friends as you like!
  • Be one of the first 10 lucky ducks to get a BINGO!
  • All 5 submitted Flashbet's Luck Percentages must match either a row, column, or diagonal line from the board in this post.
  • Prizes will be awarded in order of submissions.
  • Chose any Flashbet settings, minimum 100 bets per flash. No old Flashbets!


  • 1st $90
  • 2nd $40
  • 3rd $22
  • 4th $14
  • 5th $10
  • 6th $8
  • 7th $6
  • 8th $4
  • 9th $4
  • 10th $2
    Good luck, and may the best duck win!



1st place still up for grabs guys!



the .2 doesn't matter in the luck?
@jeebuz @RoyallyDucked841

aeWinD said:

the .2 doesn't matter in the luck?
@jeebuz @RoyallyDucked841

Correct, only the first two numbers matter

%aeb9e49588 %a6d4973775 %a245d5eb4d


ƒa6424b528a (75) ƒad7d7b5b7a (80) ƒa5393d987a (85) ƒae9792759a (91) ƒa7838b3d5a(100)

ƒa424236b9a (75)
ƒae9798374a (80)
ƒad7d7bd23a (85)

ƒa4242b742a (91)
ƒa53934b39a (100)



Damn that was a close one.. I think we should call it a tie...

%ab4b37269b @dingzs0 @aaron1223 @soranith @swertesau