check this new site wager contest

hello there,
this site is kinda new and have dice and keno, also have pvp dice, but most important i wanted to share this with you it's wager contest:
daily wager contest:
1st place - 0.1 BTC
2nd place - 0.06 BTC
3rd place - 0.04 BTC
4th place- 0.01 BTC
5th place- 0.002
6-10 place - 0.0001

and monthly contest:
1st place - 0.5 BTC
2nd place- 0.3 BTC
3rd place- 0.2 BTC

u can check ithere

note: i still prefer DD from any other site and think it's better, but u can try win that prize then come here lol.

Forgot to mention: deposits are instant, 0 confirmations*