Where is those golden days of LB?

Without dice we have, sniper game, lottery and lucky bet here. In past lucky bet was more charmer then now. On some special bet number there was big prize for LB. Each winners were getting 0.005-0.01 btc. Sometimes there were 10 winners and also one winner on some event. But the big prize was attractive.

Recently DD have passed 5th billion, 6th billon and 5,555,555,555 bet number without any LB on those number. So talking about special LB is far away. Many people lost their interest in LB as DD do it regularly few many times. People actually loss their interest if they have same thing every time. Current prize isn't small but a variation would be better to make it charming.

People used to complain about same winner most of the time. But it was a like festival moment at chat during those special LB. Almost every user of DD were trying to participate. @keiichi4444 @Gdoctor and @moko777 was famous name for LB.

Why we don't see anymore special LB like those with big prize?

(Sorry I wrote it too long with some useless words maybe)

(Note for mod:: I'm not compiling about anything just shared my thoughts)

thanks for sharing your thoughts on this mahid, i think with all the features going on and tower development etc etc it's why we've not been so hot on running better lucky bets during mile stones, i'll mention this :)