DuckDice Coin - Worthless Currency For Testing

Hey Guys,

Just wanted to put my idea out there.

What if there were a "currecy" that was unique to DuckDice.

It's not worth anything, cannot be withdrawn or deposited, but you could claim a high amount of it (1000x or 10000x faucet) for testiing purposes or for simply messing around with?

I love testing strats/theories and i mainly do this with faucet, but faucet is very tiny because obviously you don't want everyone to make money out of faucet coz the Duck will go bankrupt.

But if there was a free coin with 0 value you could claim, we could still test strats and make scripts using this new worthless currency, and then when ready put it to the test using real currency.

You could potentially make new games/acheivements out of said currency, with small prizes for over acheivers or something alike.

I like this idea, and I think we also have the suggestion for a competition where everybody buys into, and people get "play money" and whoever wagered the most with the playmoney gets 70% of the collective pot, etc.

So there are some applications for this system of a free DD currency. But usually, simply testing strategies, doesnt the Dicebot Simulation work just as well?

Sounds good to me

Stan said:

Sounds good to me

yeah but how about the faucet if ever? dont get me wrong i like the idea really. well having our own coin in dd sounds awesome.

I like this idea. So I up until like 2-3 weeks ago was able to test my ideas on the log in screen. You remember it started with 200 ltc or like amounts in all coins and I could roll and see outcomes like testing. IDK if that was a thing or not but it was really cool and I learned some things. Then one night the site was updating and all of a sudden thias feature or landing/log in page is gone!? Whats up? Am I crazy, was that a thing or idk. I like to test stuff. I am going broke testing with real money. Dam. Anyway nice idea.