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Are you ready for something different and have a new experience with some games you probably know about? We assure you that what we have to offer is something you will be more than pleased with to see and try!

We created CoinDragon in order to differentiate from other similar sites on the market. Our main focus is on the game performance. It's sleek, it's easy for the eyes, and it is created just for YOU! The whole site was developed mobile first, so there won't be any issues for those of you who prefer to spend your time on your mobile instead of the PC.

Do you like games like Dice and Mines, but still want something different, something better? Do you like Rock-Paper-Scissors, but don't have anyone to play with? Do you want to test your concentration and patience with the X-Factor? If you answered with "yes" to any of these questions, then just click here: and start your journey! We have 4 provably fair games, the fastest auto-betting, smooth and fun animations and much more - and what's even more important, we have a lot planned for the near future, including many different games to add. Be one of the first people to test them! The fifth game Street Dice is already in preparation and will be available to everyone shortly!

The unique offer we have that is valid through Beta is something you won't see anywhere else: We are offering you 30% cashback of your coins, with no strings attached! What's important to emphasize is that cashback is not only related to the freshly deposited coins: Even if you wager what you received as your cashback this is counted for the next cashback, and so on. That's an offer you cannot refuse!

If you don't like to wait for your deposits for hours, then check out our instant deposits! As soon as your transaction appears on the network, you will have your coins available on your CoinDragon account! Of course, we wouldn't let you wait for your withdrawals, either, so we are offering instantly processed withdrawals, as well!

Don't miss your opportunity to be one of the first users on CoinDragon! Test it out, we'd love to hear your feedback, let us know what you like and what you don't. All we want is for you to feel like home!

Make sure to check out our Bitcointalk and feel free to join us on Telegram here: @ CoinDragonNews!

Hello everyone!

Just a quick update, we are out of beta!!! :)

There are some other improvements and new features added as well:

  • First and most important is that we added a new game: Street Dice
  • The entire service is even faster and more light weight
  • Now the live bet stats are visible on the homepage

A special announcement is that the 30% Cashback promotion will be active for another month (up until April 13th, 2020), so make sure to check that out as well, some of the users tested it and were more than happy with the outcome.

Once again, welcome to the CoinDragon community. Feel free to contact support for any suggestions, comments, feedback, we will be more than happy to hear your thoughts!

Hello everyone! I hope all of you are safe and finding a way to entertain yourselves during these long days while staying at home!

We increased our activity during the past weeks, and our customers seem to like the site so far! :)

We are aware our users have different strategies, some like to play on the regular settings, some prefer lower multipliers, but what we always find fascinating are hits with a very high multiplier, no matter how low or high the stake is!

We'd like to congratulate our user Anakin for his awesome win in one of our games - X-Factor! :) He demonstrated that you can win a lot even with a single satoshi!

Do you think you can do it better? Come and try it out! Our promotion 30% Cashback on your losses is available for 13 more days, make sure you make the best out of it!

Kind regards from the CoinDragon team!

Hello, Ducklings! 😎

We are happy to announce our first Easter Egg Hunt!

It's a simple task, for every 1000 SAT wager in Mines (or 30.000 SAT BCH you are getting one Lottery ticket for this promotion! Number of tickets you can get depends only on your wagering, and there is no limit in that. Also, if you, for example, bet 5000 SAT in one bet, that will bring you 5 tickets for the Lottery!

To make the things easier for you, we have added the auto-betting option for this game, so all you have to do is join us now!

Check out the page for a detailed explanation.

Happy Hunting! 💰

Hey, guys! 😎

Have you heard that our magnificent 30% Cashback is prolonged for another week (until April 20th)? You still have time to get in and participate. :)

Check out the rules, and if anything is not clear, never hesitate to contact our Live Support.

Also, we would like to invite you to join our promotions on social media. We are planning a lot of mini giveaways on our:

Also stay tuned for our upcoming Bitcointalk competitions!

Make sure you keep an eye on those, because there will be a lot of surprises, and who manages to be the fastest will win the prizes!

Have fun and stay safe!


CoinDragon Team

Hello, friends! I hope you are all doing good during these tough times everyone is dealing all around the world.

We have prepared more surprises for you, to keep you entertained and to give you a chance to earn some free money while having fun!

There’s a special promotion you are all free to participate in! Just check out our Bitcointalk forum and tell us… What is your X-Factor?

Make sure you join our Telegram channel, that's where all the secrets are exposed!

Good luck! 💰

If you haven’t followed our two-week promotion “What is your X-Factor” it is not too late to join us now! We are halfway through, we have already sent 9 daily prizes, and we have the current leaderboard that looks like this:

1️⃣ 0bi0ne - 2500x

2️⃣ Bitinity1 - 1500x

3️⃣ HremsTV - 1001x

4️⃣ Enzo05 - 900x

5️⃣ whis - 125x

We are sure that current leaders won’t give up on their top positions easily, but you can try to take over! Minimum bet amount is only 100 SAT or 3000 SAT BCH, and with a single bet you can win up to 2.000.000 SAT as the main Jackpot prize! As simple as that!

Join our Telegram channel to see how the promotion went so far, all the updates have been posted there.

Good luck! 😀

Hellooo! 🖐

We are proud to say that our "What is your X-Factor" competition ended successfully and that we announced the winners yesterday!

The 1st prize winner 0bi0ne received 2.000.000 SAT BTC as his prize. :)

In total, we shared over 5.000.000 SAT BTC and made a lot of users happy with our small tasks.

A new competition is available now!!!

This week, we have something different. We prepared a competition where all the participants are automatically winners! All you have to do is to follow the requirements and post at least a single bet that fulfills them, and you will get a part of the prize pool that is 2.000.000 SAT BTC! But that's not all, we have prepared a special prize for the user that wins the highest multiplier during the competition, and that user will win 1.000.000 SAT BTC Jackpot prize on top of the regular one!

So... all you have to do is... Keep on rollin'! 🎲

Check out our Bitcointalk topic and our Telegram channel for more information.

Stay happy!

🎲 Stack It Up! 🎲

Dice competition


Make as many bets as you want in the game Dice with a multiplier of 100x or more. You can choose any side (over/under) for every bet individually. Top 3 users that manage to stack up the biggest sum of multipliers will receive the main prizes.

Again, nobody is leaving without a prize! All the participants will get a share in the prize pool, but only Top 3 will get the main prizes!

💰Prizes: 💰

💲 Total shared prize pool:

1-25 participants -> 1.000.000 SAT BTC

26-50 participants -> 2.000.000 SAT BTC

50+ participants -> 3.000.000 SAT BTC

💲 Prizes for Top 3 winners:

1st prize: 1.500.000 SAT BTC

2nd prize: 1.000.000 SAT BTC

3rd prize: 500.000 SAT BTC

Check out our Bitcointalk Topic for more information!

Register now and deposit and you will receive a gift from CoinDragon called FreeRounds!

How many FreeRounds you get depends on what you do, so check this out:

  • As soon as you register - you will receive 5 FreeRounds!

  • If you make your first deposit - you will receive 30 FreeRounds!

  • If your first deposit is more than 50.000 SAT BTC or 2.000.000 SAT BCH - you will instead receive 150 FreeRounds!!

All the FreeRounds are in SAT BTC, and will be credited in SAT BTC, no matter what currency you deposit.

But… You are probably asking: “What are they talking about?”, “What are the FreeRounds?”

FreeRounds is a term you probably hear for the first time, but that’s completely normal because it is a UNIQUE feature created by CoinDragon and available ONLY at CoinDragon!

FreeRounds are making it possible to play for FREE, and win real money!

For this campaign we have chosen our popular game X-factor, so the FreeRounds will be strictly for that game.

After you register (and/or deposit), check out the notification bell, claim the FreeRounds and go straight to X-Factor game to test your luck!

The game settings are predetermined for this promotion, so all you have to do is press "Roll".

Happy rolling!

Not many sites and games offer you a chance to multiply your stake over 5 million times. But we do, and we are happy to say that we have our first 5.000.000x on our site!

You might already know his username because he was the one getting that 100.000x in X-Factor a couple of months back, but now he managed to play on the highest settings on mines and with only 1 satoshi to win over 0.05 BTC! 🤑

Congratulations fly to Anakin, great job and all of us are already looking forward to see what your next goal is!

🎲 Stack It Up 🎲 has finished earlier today, and we are going to announce the winners here:


Anakin - 1.500.000 SAT BTC

whis - 1.000.000 SAT BTC

gonzo23 - 500.000 SAT BTC

Prize Pool (1.000.000 SAT BTC):

Anakin - 530.180 SAT BTC

whis - 196.050 SAT BTC

gonzo23 - 144.600 SAT BTC

HremsTV - 40.970 SAT BTC

nino11 - 32.080 SAT BTC

bitinity1 - 18.840 SAT BTC

winwin - 14.720 SAT BTC

cryptoaddictchie - 10.510 SAT BTC

Yabes - 9.550 SAT BTC

Enzo05 - 880 SAT BTC

Nyanporo - 880 SAT BTC

REyMarvz17 - 490 SAT BTC

Shadow77 - 300 SAT BTC

💰 The prizes are credited, so just go and open the notification button next to your balance and claim it, it will be available for 7 days! 💰

The next competition is just around the corner, prepare for something completely different again! We promise you to have lots of fun! 🥳 💪 👊

🐉 CoinDragon team 🐉

A new weekly competition is up! Rock Is Dead! Long live Paper & Scissors! - check out the Bitcointalk topic!

💰 Win Jackpot of 2.000.000 SAT BTC!!!

💲 Or get a part of the prize pool (up to 6.000.000 SAT BTC!)

Win the longest streak in Rock-Paper-Scissors you can reach every day in order to earn the points for the weekly competition. Every 24 hours you will receive points for the previous day, ranked by the streak length posted.

➡️ 1st - 10 points

➡️ 2nd - 8 points

➡️ 3rd - 6 points

➡️ 4th - 4 points

➡️ 5th - 2 points

➡️ 6th+ - 1 point

Subscribe to our Telegram channel to get the daily updates about the leaderboards!
🐉 Good luck, Dragons! 🐉

You will never see a safer way of betting than this! A lot of users that were with us from the first day loved this promotion and have been asking for it, so, as we always do, we are bringing it back for you!

Cashback promotion does not require any action on your side other than playing as you regularly do. After this competition expires, you will be able to claim 30% Cashback on your losses!

If you end up in profit - you won’t even need Cashback!

Read more about that here .

The campaign runs from 00:00:01 GMT (20th of June) to 23:59:59 GMT (28th of June) and all real money bets during this time period will be eligible for Cashback.

Happy betting!

On Top of the World


Win a bet in X-Factor with at least 100x multiplier, but with the highest result possible. Ranking will be done by the results, not the winning multiplier.

Minimum bet amount: 100 SAT BTC or 4000 SAT BCH.

We will have a daily winner (announced every 24 hours) and the competition winners (best bets in the whole competition).

This competition will last from June 29th 13:00 UTC until July 6th, 13:00 UTC.


Daily prize: 50.000 SAT BTC

Prize pool: up to 10.000.000 SAT BTC

Check out the details on our Bitcointalk topic, our Promotions page , or our Blog .