The duckdice birthday is on March 31st apparently. I am willing to go buy a nice card and send it to the first person to reply to this who is willing to participate as well. Just sit I'm in and PMI address where I should send the card a envelope that will be able to sustained multiple destinations to be reopened kind of a thing and try to get it to go see as many of us as we can before the due date which is in 2 months. That's enough to get it through a few about a hundred and how many countries. If a lot but you guys are down, maybe have its geographically efficient planned out.

Maybe the duck will be nice to us if we do something like that for him type thing it would be a nice souvenir and probably never done before. Anyways let me know what you think, if nobody cares who cares.

But if anybody else is down I can have it in the mail the next day