Allow push notifications from DuckDice!

DuckDice remains rather modest with all the marketing announcements, but we realized that we are lacking communication with you.

For example, when we run the Deposit Bonus campaign it is usually for 24 hours only and it turns out that many players miss it, cause they simply did not log in that day to read the on-site notification.

When we start giveaways and campaigns it is the same, you need to visit the site and read our news to found out that you can win bonuses that are time-limited and can expire by that time.

For not to miss any important news from DuckDice, please allow Push Notifications from us.

Push Notifications - are in-browser notification that shows a short text to you, they are not intrusive and DuckDice make Push Notifications extremely rare (like once a month rare).

Let's stay connected and we promise to send only the most relevant notifications!

Is deposite benouse run for here?


Is deposite benouse run for here?

Yes! And it is quiet good one! we even have a designmated discord channel for Deposit Bonus discussion and Schedule

Thats an app. Ohh why not on your forums?

Very nice activated 😘😘

Good job πŸ‘

thanks 😍


Thats an app. Ohh why not on your forums?

Discord 2 option app and browsing

Very nice like it

Easy peasy.

never want to miss the chance to use the deposit bonus! 😜

oh great! deposit bonus is a plus lol

honestly this is good for those always saying they missed it or they didnt receive the notif...well atleast this will help them updated in every new announcement and giveaways/promo.

its really good option. every one should allow push notification

Done and done.. thanks Stan

Been allowing the notifications since then and haven't miss any promotion and updates. Ill say it's a must for everyone to allow notification.