Donate Plasma, Make $400+/Month (US Only)

Need disposable income? You can donate plasma 2x a week in the US. New donors get bonus for first 5 donations (extra $5 if you show my referral code)..

1 - $50

2 - $50

3 - $65

4 - $50

5 - $70

(varies by location)

Click for info

Whole process usually takes about an hour, so that's decent money for the time..

They just need ID (DL and/or SSN) and proof of address when you go in the first time. They do a mini physical, and then you start on a machine that draws your blood, separates out the plasma, and returns your blood cells. Money is paid instantly to a debit card they provide. Easy peasy..

You can also get $25 per person you refer!