- new, fresh dice site

Hey there,

as a one of MODs there, i would like to introduce you this new dice site, we started just two days ago! :) You need to just register, confirm email, upload avatar and say something in chat and you will be able to catch a rain, no need to deposit/wager at all.

We have daily/weekly/monthly contests, we are doin plenty of rains, roll hunt and trivias worth 10/20k btc sats. Anybody can win!

By the way, if you are cool person and want use my reflink, i have prepared for small small gift worth 1k btc sats. Just lemme know in this post about your successfull register and gift is on the way :)

Dang, still need to check this out.. I will soon! Lol

any site that makes treb mod can't be good

bobstone said:

any site that makes treb mod can't be good

"how dare you, okay no 1k sat bonus for you"