Halloween Bonus!!

Ok guys :)

So beggining from 11pm UTC tonight there'll be 2 bonuses

One -- roll 1313 and get a bonus! min bet for this is 100 sats 0.00000100 sats or equivalent

Two -- a wild pumpkin will appear somewhere on screen once in a while, click that and prize varies based on level

You need to of deposited in the last 24 hours to participate!!

I also hear some cold rains will be in order ;) but no promises :D

Have a spooky Halloween

Flash bet roll would count for bonus or not?

most likely flash bet will not work for it

nice bonus 😀

Good luck guy's getting these bonuses, Happy halloween 😂😂

is the min bet for this is 50 sats 0.0000050 sats or equivalent now?

It's min bet x10 now, so 100

nice bonus 😍

congrats to those who win and able to rich minimum widraw!