Hello guys! Today, I would like to recommend a casino game named Cleo’s Gold. I won 90ubtc with 20ubtc. I feel quite good about winning, but everyone has different luck. Good luck to all in this promotion.


1 real player - 1 account - 1 post

Just post your winning page under this topic.

If participants are less than 5, the rewards will be sent to each people 0.00006BTC (0.0006/12).

Prize Pool(s) (based on the number of unique players):

Minimum prize pool: 0.0006BTC

If over 12 participants: 0.001BTC

If over 20 participants: 0.002 BTC

If over 30 participants: 0.003 BTC

If over 200 participants: 0.08 BTC

Minimum Bet

BTC: 2000 satoshi( only BTC is available )

Ends: 28/10/2019 (9 am) UTC

How to enter: Click here