giveaway Free TRX 20000 (tron link) its legit u can check

⚡️⚡️Hello and Welcome everyone to Tronlink Community⚡️⚡️


💹 Tronlink #Giveaway

💵: Reward pool: 20,000 TRX

👁‍🗨 :Date: Sept.30th-Oct.10th

🌕: Tron and Justin Sun recommended

▪️: Start Telegram Bot (

1️⃣: Join on Telegram bot and group ( (3 stack)

2️⃣: Follow us on Twitter ( and retweet latest (1 stack)

3️⃣: Invite friends to get more TRX (1 reff= 1 stack)

4️⃣: submit the correct TRON Mainnet address to bot.

Your Bonus=20,000 TRX * Personal stack/(all stacks)


Daily Dapp Update

🎉TRONUP Betting Plus starts now!

🔥100,000 $TRX Betting rewards,the winner can get maximum 60,000 TRX!

🔥 3rd phase of #UP buyback starts, 100,000 TRX will be injected into exchanges


🏠 TronLink

🏆Serves over 90% of all TRON users. Biggest player in TRON ecosystem regarding wallet products.

🏆Works closely with TRON mainnet team. Immediate upgrade and fix actions. Secure assets.

🏆Includes all TRON DApps and functions.

🌐 Website (


(🎈Twitter (

🌍 Global Community



✅Important Information:

All admins will have “admin” tag or a star next to their name. We will never message you in private unless you start the chat.

✅Our Official Admins & Moderators:

@TronlinkAdmin , @JoeyLink , @binulaj

Tips & Rules:

🖲 Please keep the conversation tronlink related

🖲 We kindly ask you NOT to spam, promote other groups or advertise other services

🖲 No posting links or wallet addresses or you will be banned

🖲 It is forbidden to offend/insult other community members

🖲 Unwanted HYPE/FUD is not allowed

thanks im gonna try this