Flashbet Streak Challenge!!!!

Get the longest WINNING flashbet streak and get a bonus. Five winners share 100 USD bankroll:

1st tier - 50 USD (one winner)

2nd tier - 20 USD (one winner)

3rd tier - 10 USD (three winners)


Flashbet settings: 33% win chance, Stop on Lose!!!, any currency

Only one game per duckling

A minimum of 0.002btc or equivalent in other coins total deposits in the last 7 days

To join the challenge, post your deposit transaction in this thread.

Winners will be proclaimed as the round (7 days) ends.

Good luck and have fun!

The thread will close in 7 days time!! Smash it duckies :)

You mean stop on loss.


Yrolowa-335 said:

You mean stop on loss.


I do man thank you very much for spotting that :) Edited!








come on keep 'em coming!!