Forum FAQ

Why do we need a forum?

At first, it is cool! The next reason to create a forum was a desire to create a place for long-term discussions.

So, what can we discuss here?

Almost everything. We have boards related to various gambling themes, cryptocurrencies, even humour, contests and promotions, as well.

Are there some special rules?

No, there no special rules. Everything is the same, but you will not be muted or banned for promotion other websites and begging.

Other gambling websites should be discussed on the Gambling Providers board. And begging is allowed in The One And Only Official Begging Thread .

Who moderates the forum?

All the same ducklings! Mods and admins which you may find on Chat are already here.

What languages should I speak here?

Outside the Local boards , only English is allowed.

What is the difference between Promotions and Bonuses and Contests and Challenges boards? They seem similar.

Promotions and Bonuses are about everything related to the Game page such as our Christmas bonus or Lucky Bet.

On the other side, Contests and Challenges board is related to forum games, challenges, and so on. For example, you may cause a contest of the funniest comments.

What can be discussed on Off Topic boards?

Everything you want! You may share your doggo's photos or the best lasagna recipe on Misc board. But be nice and don't offense ducklings :)

What shall I do if I have The Most Genius Idea?

Share it with us on Ideas board! And feel cool when it will be implemented.

I want to leave a feedback. What should I do?

You should visit the Feedback page and tell us about your issues!

Good one!!