“Provably Fair” Streak Contest #1

See who can get the longest red streak at 49.5% (2x) odds.


-Must use Flashbet, and post Flashbet game stats in thread.

-Use "stop flashbet on win" setting so only losing bets plus one winning bet are in each game.

-Win chance set to 49.5 (2x), no bet size min

-Enter as many times as you want.


1st 0.00010000 BTC

2nd 0.00005000 BTC

3rd 0.00002500 BTC

Challenge ends August 22 at 1900 CT ( Texas time)

again, love it man, thanks for running this!!

Excellant idea, come on Guy's, lets get this done :)

I guess I'll start! 6


dont forget to do lke this,just with greens....lol

just bumping for royallyducked..

i think i beat all of u


nice idea

Come on guy's you have 3 days left to beat the current 10 reds in a row .....