Which Coin that Duckdice does not currently feature would you like to play here ?

Which coin would you like to see featured next here on Duckdice ?

For me I would like to see/play with TRON (TRX) coin here, top 10 coin by market cap, easy to trade on almost all exchanges, their blockchain is fast for transactions & their miners fees are very smal.

What would you choose and why ?

trx has had my vote for a while, i'd like to see another usd stable coin other than usdt too, TUSD or USDC

I would like to see Nano/XRB. It's feeless, fast, and easy. πŸ™ƒ

would like a low value currency, BCNπŸ˜€

Eos and OMG

Etn.,. Let those etn miners bring their coin here

I would like to strat here too πŸ˜€

bump !!

Please include DGB, btx,

it'd be kinda cool if dd found a project it could get behind which is small, offer a faucet for, which needs support too, not sure what, there are so many, but so many partnership opportunities i can imagine

A Duckdice coin would be kinda COOL....

DGB and TRON for me....

my luck is good with NEO, so please add this 😍

You will like our next update πŸ™Š