02.08.2019 Updates

The Biggest Safety Updates Of The Summer'19

Okay, here comes some good news which isn't related to betting modes or new games, or anything else, but your safety. We want to be not only the most beautiful or the funniest gambling site. We want to be the best!

So, we've collected the feedback, and decided to create a tool that can help us fight spammers and scammers. And now - beat the drums! - we are glad to present to you our Antispam System.

Why is it so cool? Because it's totally automatic! A special algorithm analyzes all messages and notifies ducklings about dangerous or harmful content. So, we don't encroach the privacy, but always notify if inbox messages aren't safe for ducklings. And it's up to you to report senders to us or keep texting.

The next safety update is our new approach to depositing in BTC. Now you can be sure, that every satoshi on DuckDice is absolutely legit!

Faster DOGE Operations

As you know, DOGE is our favorite currency. And we've optimized our operations with DOGE to help you receive your withdrawal faster. Hope, you've already found them much fast and so wow!

Lucky Coins

Here comes the X-Time. Because the new lucky coins are XRP and XLM. Collect Ripple and Stellar Lumens with Rains and Lucky Bet bonuses the next two weeks. Have a lucky X-Time and stay tuned!

Min exchange and tip amount changed

давно обновы не было

Sukh123 said:

Min exchange and tip amount changed

Min exchange didn't changed. Min tip amount will be turned back very soon, up to 2 hours

Lugoshi said:

Min exchange didn't changed. Min tip amount will be turned back very soon, up to 2 hours

Yeah thx admin i saw min exchange from btc to usdt my mistake .. else everything fine

nice updates 😍

good changes 😀

the anti spam sounds cool,and indeed added security aswell giving the players warning if that certain user is a hacker or scammer. good one!

We still need everyone to cooperate by reporting... But yeah it's always been a good a update