New Color For Bets That Are The Wrong Side

Hi There.

I think it would be cool to add a new color for a bet that is the wrong side (high or low), like green for a winning bet and red for a losing bet.

The new color can be the yellow you see throughout DuckDice, and say you hunting < 1000 but you roll a >8900 then the number will show up yellow instead of red.

would be good the signs that indicate LOW and RIGH with more visible color or enhancement.

even more that I use on the light blue screen.

Okok I like the idea.. Could be awesome, but then on other side could be really confusing maybe.. Simple is better for me, wouldnt mind it tho..

This is a good idea, then we will have the "full set" of trafic lights, :red>yellow>green, I would like to see this if possible ?

The most bet's i see posted are "wrong side" bets, and the only way to see if it was the wrong side it to constantly scan the numbers rolling past, but it it was yellow (keeping to the DuckDice theme colours) it just puts less strain on the eyes.

Also could help people that roll their manual strats to keep track of high or low numbers as they roll past.