Different currency, different seed

For example i want rollin manually in btc, but also want roll dicebot script in ltc on different seed.

christ ignorants, just do it please

a seed for me has to be always the same.

indeed for me too.. same seed on all currencies...

Same seed for me also please :)))

saying that i think it could be possible for people too choose and would be interesting too have different seeds for different currencies if peole wished

Same seed or different seed, mathematically the odds are still the same and nothing changes....

randomising the random makes things just as random, who knew

same seed also for me😀

I think could be done.. Buut afterall its all really random, been on many discussions on forum about dat is it better to randomize and when.. My conclusion is dat doesnt make the difference, same thing.. If ya stay on same you can hit for example 10 times 9999 in like 10k rolls or hit just 1 in 100k rolls.. Same with New seed sooo.. Its game of luck.. Randomizing doesnt make dat much difference really

well, nobody get my point. When i doin script on eth and need 0.1% hit, i want rolling xlm manually and how would i feel if i roll needed number in xlm? Im not asking you to have different seed, im asking you to have chance to got different seed on different currency. i know 3 people who cant roll more currency at same time cause of this situation

i get your point but it's encouraging the wrong way to look at it, if you hit 0.01 another one on the next roll is just as likely, but i get why people would want too hunt on one seed, flat bet on another etc it's just not improving your odds if you do so