Unique and Traditional Games

Some of us lives in countries with extremely interesting traditional games. As I know, Russians have numerous unique card games such as Russian Blackjack called 21 (literally Twenty One) and Indian people play in some kind of tabletop billiards called Carrom.

So, hope you may share something cool here

here football is the most traditional, I would like to see a game that the dispute was between players. Ex: how to soccer star

ph gambling we have the traditional tong its and pusoy which are card games,we mostly play it as past time with friends or families🙂 fun way of bonding.

Lodu is famous in pakistan. many people like to play lodu

snnaveed said:

Lodu is famous in pakistan. many people like to play lodu

It looks like a guide of the spaceship landing

cara y cruz is a street gambling in ph.most taxi and jeepney drivers gamble gamble on it.,basically its just like tose coin

i can suggest the game pusoy and DD is a banker, very good game and unique since our others competitors don't have yet game like this, anyone who are addictive in the card game 100% sure they will like it since its a mind game also :) you can get an idea in pusoygo how this game works . . exciting entertaining and i know can caters the attention of other gamblers also :)