What Alt Coins are you buying / HODL right now ?

Interested to know what alt coins everyone is buying / HODL right now and for what reason?

I am actually considering buying an alt coin to HODL for 12 months called; GRIN

I like the overal look of what their doing and trying to do for the future, plus they are now a top 100 coin in terms of "market cap" a big push into the top 25-30 would be a great bonus.

Please post by reply any interesting coins you think might be a good 12 month investment and the reason (s) why ?

*Disclaimer: this post is by no means intended as investment advice but for discussional purposes only, as always with any investment seek professional advice first and invest at your own "risk" :))

grin is a good choice for sure, gram i'm also interested in.

i'm also suspecting eth and ltc too 2-3x their values quite rapiidly

xmr ihas been undervalued for ages.

i like ada long term but they're being too slow on the devolpment schedule so i'm not sure anymore

I give preference to coins BTC ETH BCH XLM

grin may be a good option but I believe that xrp still values ​​well.

Yes, this XRP coin will be a good future. Let's see, until it grows badly.

I think BTC & XRP is best to hold. XRP is more trusted .

i agree also with xrp and hope it grows big :-)

Thank everyone for your replies, I am looking at other alt coins outside of the top 10-20 market cap, sort of an investment come "cross fingers" and hope for a spectacular rise.... sort of thing, for example I am watching KMD, now in the top 100...interesting coin :)

Personally, I prefer only BTC

XLM is the future guys for sure

I am also quite interested in the coin : IGNIS a folk of NXT, now moving into the top 100, has prospects this coin :)


xrp and ltc for now...

For me, XLM, ETC & TRX right now 😎

Acetehoge said:

For me, XLM, ETC & TRX right now 😎

xlm is also a good choice