Bonuses like slot gambling sites

i have a idea, actually all slot gambling sites using this idea , but we can implement in our dice game, my idea actually if a user deposit , user can get 1 free roll, free roll based on deposit amounts for example if a user deposit 0.001btc free roll amount 0.0001btc , but user can't bet below 0.0001btc ** ( user can bet only on in one bet )** but can play any win chance while playing free roll , so if a user deposit 1 btc free roll amount 0.01btc , if win they have luck if not no losses there but this idea impress some users **( free roll concept based 10% of deposit amount or 5% upon admin decision )**

and i forget to mention this, some users can misuse this so a user can claim a free roll weekly once

free roll claim option users choice , if they deposit big they can claim big value of free roll

Thank you for an idea! It seems interesting, hope it's easy to develop

thank you :)

Lugoshi said:

Thank you for an idea! It seems interesting, hope it's easy to develop

this idea concept every users can get their bonus from deposit , and we know 90% users can win that free roll bonus for example if a user play 98% all in one bet they can win but actual concept you can get more real deposit players regularly so main idea actually if you want to get free roll everyweek users must want to deposit :) in this way we can get more and more regular deposit players 😍 and thank you for your reply 😀 :)

very good idea, I hope that the admins implement in DD 😀

Like it, but sound rather complex, but if it will get more votes...well, you got my point here:)

Will need to add , wager limit before withdrawing then, and well if 1%is edge, Paying 5% or smth eill be a bit high..

my first concern was how in which duck could afford that, maybe as a bonus that can be randomly activated by a deposit, but i'd not assume every user