stream #12 + giveaways

Peckatop and Dina live, playing in Duckdice this time!

Prize pool of 0.005 btc is prepaired for this stream, don't miss your chance to win some!

Duckdice forum giveaway: 1 winner, 0.0003 btc***. Reply under this post and be in stream chat when we will pick a winner.

More giveaways for this stream in our calendar .

*** Sub-rule applied (if winner of giveaway is our subscriber in Twitch, he will get 1.5x/2x/2.5x of prize, if he's subscriber of tier1/tier2/tier3 accordingly)

See you on22th June! 19:00 GMT+0, in Twitch

With love - Peckatop and Dina from CryptoGamblersPub
Entry 1. ChrizzBeatz

ждём стрим😉

Nice work im in lol

That's great. User giveaway at DD. Hope for best.

hi i correct 1

thx for steam and giveaway :P

oh wow more streams please,just sad i missed this one.watching stream is fun,same time learning new working strats aswell.