Sounds Effects Options

It would be nice to see more options in regards to the sound effects. As of right now, all you can do is turn them on or off. They're quite loud, but there's no option to adjust volume. I could just adjust volume on my computer, but I also like to listen to music while playing. Every time I get a notification it drowns out the music.

In addition, since I usually do flash bets, I get a notification of the flash bet ending every 2-5 seconds. The only reason I have sound on is so I can easily know when someone likes my comment or responds to it, and when the bonus duck flies across the screen.

I would love to see the option to have only specific notification sounds on, and being able to change the volume of the notifications.

i would love this as a option too, i'd quite like to be able to disable roll noises, while still recieving notifcation sounds, etc quite often, rain noises during a flm, are very distractng, etc etc,

Like this idea. I myself always have sounds off as they are pretty loud.

I think there is all that is there yet. But the automatic bit rolling sound is good if the noise of rain water gets water.