LMS need game room

I think LMS shouldn't played at PH room. Cause DD cloud bot makes rain at PH room. As user giving message there they may get rain though they aren't using the language of the room, playing game there. It may call as rain hunter.

Cloud bot doesn't makes rain at Rage room. But mod have no permission to do anything at Rage room. So LMS game shouldn't arrange there.

I think there should be game room again at DD. Cause admin made back the LMS game again with better improvement and regular basis.

Need a solution here... ?

well totaly agreed with your point . last day i played lms in PH room and i got bot rain so its not fair with room users for those who are active and speaking room language ... there should be a game room again +1

We got the point!

At the moment Rage room is the most suitable place, cause there are no rains there. Although the purpose of the room is not really corresponding:)