DuckDice VS Yolodice

I'd like to hear your thoughts about pros and cons of both services :)

DD is obviously ahead of many things compare to them.

i really didnt visted there so dont know that site. but yeah duckdice is my home 

 like duck a slight bit more due to wider variety of activities

  only thing duck needs work on is timely support

On yolo dice you can win a one million Satoshi, here's the script for dicebot

Yolo's layout makes my eyes bleed. They should pay more attention to useability and design.

Yolo's autobet's options are far superior to anything any other site has to offer. Nothing really beats it aside from using dicebot. Other then the autobet, DD beats it in every other genre theme/features/options/usability/chat/etc. 

honestly layout on yolo looks like was done by 2 yrs old child ...dd is uncomparable and waaay ahead 

No wonder duckdice is far ahead with yolodice in terms of user interface and users experience in gambling. The only thing yolodice is good is high percentage of multiplier. Would love to see 100kx multipler here, maybe in the future lol

miki said:

honestly layout on yolo looks like was done by 2 yrs old child ...dd is uncomparable and waaay ahead 

Layout sure is incomparable.

yolodice however have very good autobet features, well for some I guess. But if you are playing long sessions, those features can get you confused. 

Just a few points:

  • Duck has better layou as many mentioned. Actually, Duck has the best layout out there. The only thing that might be nice to have is the a slider to both place and display bets. 
  • Admins are easier to contact on Duck. No idea how much things have changed in the last few months to be fair.
  • Chat's more interesting on DD. Although mileage might vary a lot.
  • Yolo allows for smaller bets. Not real difference for me, but some might like that.
  • Yolo has interesting settings for the account, like disabling your ability to bet and only unlocking for set amounts of time. Not everyone might find use to this one.

Why compare to Yolo specifically anyway?