13.06.2019 Updates

Just Share It!

People say sharing is caring. And we let you care about each other and share your success!

We've implemented a possibility to share your Autobet and Flashbet games on Chat, Forum or private messages. Even more! Ducklings can use settings of the shared game as a preset for their own games. So, if you've just finished a successful game, care of your teammates, press on the share button on the game's page and let everybody use your strategy!

Shared games are opened by clicking and available to look for every duckling!

You can also find information about the bets placed during the Flashbet games just clicking bet IDs.

Safe Messages

We've faced, some of us receive strange private messages from newly registered users asking for credentials, begging for tips or so. And we've decided to provide a possibility to block and report such senders.

Please, create a report, if you've received messages from newbies with begging and especially asking for your credentials!

Updated Reports

Some ducklings claimed that reports aren't opened, so we've discovered the issues and made an optimization. Now, huge reports will split into the several ones and opened every time without any problems!

We've also updated our referral report with the Last Visit metric, which may help you to manage your affiliate program.

Rage Room

It's here! The place where you can spill your feral energy and swear as a drunken sailor. Have fun!

CGF Verification

Hope, you've already found a nice blue badge in the bottom, near the license. It means, DuckDice passed Crypto Gambling Foundation certification . We know, you have no doubts about our fairness, but now it's tested and approved by one of the most competent organizations of the crypto gambling world.

nice 1 new room rage

nice updates 😍

How much did you pay the “CGF”?


DayOfLight said:

How much did you pay the “CGF”?

$ 0.00