Hello! I am happy to announce a great new thing on Stake named "Races". Its very similar to wager contest but the diffrence is that those races running 2-3 times a day each one has duration about 1 hour and prizes for everyone of them over 1000$. For example yesterday I wagered 1,1 btc in 1 hour and prize was 0.0052 BTC for 8 th place which is not bad :) Also I claimed my rake back from Live Support ( you can do it how many time you want per day)

So if you guys wanna try it use the link below to get some present.


The present will be coupon for 10% rake back immediately after you register under this link. Just write to support "CODE EUGENE265" and here you go.

Feel free to ask me any questions in telegram @EugeneSTPD

P.s today gonna be 2000$ race with same 1 hour duration at 11:30am GMT. Dont miss it!